We Are A Stocking Distibutor for Walworth, Apollo, Keckley, Babbit, DK-Lok, Pratt, Smith, and Ladish

J&M Valve, Inc.
J&M Valve, Inc.
Ladish Valves
J&M Valve, Inc.
J&M Valve, Inc.
J&M Valve, Inc.
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Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Plug, Diaphragm, Wafer Check, Knife Gate, Tube Fitting, Steam Trap, Y-Strainer, Chainwheel.

Major Brands we also keep in stock

Jamesbury, Aloyco, Bonney Forge, Crane, DeZURIK, Durco, Fabri, Flowseal, Ladish, Milwaukee, Mueller, Parker, Powell, Sarco, Sharpe, Tufline, Tylok, Velan, Xomox and many more!


Brass, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, CD4M, Forged Steel, Hastelloy, Monel, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, Titanium, and a large inventory of lined materials!

Instrumentation Valves and Tube Fittings.

316 Stainless Male Connectors, 316 Stainless Male Elbows, 316 Stainless Union Tee, 316 Stainless Union Crosses, 316 Stainless Union, 316 Stainless Female Connectors, 316 Stainless Union Elbows

What Sets Us Apart

The advantages of doing business with J&M Valve, Inc. are clear. Our goal is to make you look good to your customers and to add to your bottom line by concentrating on 3 areas:

J&M Valve, Inc.


We have one of the largest valve inventories east of the Mississippi of all the top brands & hard-to-find items!

J&M Valve, Inc.


We're serious about adding to your bottom line and prove it with our competitive pricing.

J&M Valve, Inc.


Our shipping dept pays close attention to detail to ensure that your package arrives when expected.

We offer quality care, a good amount of products, and 24/7 service. We have a good sales team and fast shipping.